Orlando, Florida.  Lawton Connect, the nation’s longest consecutively family-owned commercial printing company, has launched a greeting card and paper goods line called BenjaminPop!. They are debuting their line at the 2017 National Stationery Show.

Lawton Connect was founded by Joseph Benjamin Lawton in 1900 in Orlando, Florida. BenjaminPop! was born as a project of love. It celebrates the art of clean design with the craftsmanship of fine printing. “As fifth generation printers, we are excited to create a unique product while paying homage to our roots,” said owner Kimberly Lawton Koon.

BenjaminPop! founder, Kimberly Lawton Koon, teamed up with friend and experienced designer, Kelly Romano. Romano uses her twenty years of experience in design to create a fresh, new graphical take on this paper line. “We want our pieces to be authentic, engaging, and with some added POP”, said Romano.

The brand has been defined as modern and engaging with added pop culture. The line includes greeting cards, notepads, journals, placemat pads and more. Some of their collections include marble, cocktails, succulents, speak to me, and lake life.

“With our background, we are fortunate to fully know paper as well as can apply many different finishing processes including foil, white ink, scratch-offs, and more,” says Lawton Koon. With a full commercial print shop at their fingertips, BenjaminPop! is able to test out new techniques, paper, and colors to create the right combination to further the customer experience.

BenjaminPop! is a print and design studio in Orlando with products that include foiled and scratch-off greeting cards, agendas, placemat pads, notepads, and more. Their mission is to inspire people to build stronger connections by creating unique and fun experiences through the use of paper. Find out more at www.BenjaminPop.com.